Seven Self-Care Programmes to Watch on Netflix

We could all use some feel good vibes right about now! This should get you started :)

Well, Happy New Year? :-/ Can I even still say that? 😅 I know I've been very quiet on here, I do apologise! But I'm here now with a little pick me up for you all :) It hasn't exactly been the best of starts to 2021 has it? I for one naïvely thought we would be wellllll over this pandemic by now. Instead, we have just done told to stay home and stay put for another 5 weeks!

Okay sorry sorry, that's enough of that. I'm here to cheer you up - I swear! 😅

Given the circumstances, I thought now's a good time to share some of my favourite flicks with you all to lift the spirits. Here's my mix of feel good, self-help movies and series available on Netflix.

1. The Kindness Diaries

This one is sure to restore your faith in humankind, which I think is definitely needed at the moment! In this docuseries, former broker Leon Logothetis travels around the world on a vintage motorbike relying solely on the kindness of strangers for meals, gas for the motorbike and a place to stay. It really is a remarkable and risky concept proving very entertaining when put into action. The Kindness Diaries is full of heartwarming surprises and also some nail biting concerning moments when Leon hits a bad spell of luck.

There are 3 lovely seasons for you to enjoy, each as entertaining and wholesome as the next 🤍

2. The Secret

Get ready to be inspired and motivated to make the most of this peculiar reality that we currently find ourselves in!

If you follow me on Instagram - , you are probably used to me talking up Rhonda Byrne's 'The Secret'. Rhonda first wrote about The Secret in 2006 After selling over 30 million copies worldwide, Rhonda produced a docu-film version of The Secret.

The Secret focuses around the art of manifesting and how to successfully do so while ensuring to stay present and grateful of all that we have, despite perhaps not being where we exactly want to be. If this is your first introduction to manifesting I would point out that there are some flaws to this version of manifesting. To do so successfully, there is much more work involved than simply visualising and trying to feel how we might if we had already obtained our goals (this will all probably make more sense once you watch or read it). -But fear not! I am here to share my journey of manifesting with you all and of course, some recommendations of other resources that you can use to master this life altering way of being.

The Secret is a fantastic introduction to manifesting. You can also access The Secret on audiobook. I find this particularly useful as I listen to it going to sleep or out on a walk. This is particularly useful as it allows you to keep going back to that way, in order to imbed the positive and ambitious vibes that are discussed throughout the audio book.

3. The Secret - Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas is a 2020 American drama film based on the original lessons of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

If you can get over the odd cringey / predictable scene and focus on the message within the story, you will enjoy the wholesome inspiring content that the story brings to you, as well as the loveable characters.

4. The Goop Lab

Love her or loath her, Gwyneth Paltrow is back with her Goop team exploring all things energy healing, psychedelics and alternative medicine.

Despite the controversial statements that Paltrow is known to have made - (often contradicting science and replacing medicinal remedies for alterative therapy ones), this series brings light to women's health issues that are still considered taboo so for that, she deserves credit.

It's wacky and it's out there but I enjoyed watching and learning from the series and I think you will too, just try to be openminded! 😅

5. Heal

Heal is a remarkable documentary that explains the body's ability to heal itself through different types of trauma and ailments. The documentary features patients with chronic illnesses and some expert doctors. Their stories and research is mind-blowing.

I found this documentary particularly beneficial to my overall mindset when I watched it as I had just finished my Oncology treatment. Recovering from Cancer is extremely distressing, there's so much trauma to process as well as the constant fear and stress of Cancer returning to the body.

This documentary discusses the impact that stress has on the physical body, sometimes even causing chronic and fatal conditions. Most of the guests on the documentary share their shared interest in mind-body interventions and how it aided their recovery from such conditions.

Heal is definitely worth a watch!

6. Headspace - A Guide to Meditation

Some of you may be already familiar with the Headspace app. I personally prefer using the Calm app, but both have had huge success in providing users with tools to help them to meditate. Although I first thought it was a bit contradictory to see that Netflix was bringing us this Meditation Guide, as Netflix has been the very thing keeping our minds active until stupid o'clock during this pandemic, I think now in reflection it's probably the most efficient way to get such widespread attention.

At the fear of sounding like a Ronseal ad, the eight 20 minute episodes *does exactly what is says on the tin!", giving you a guide to meditation based on different themes for each episode such as 'How to Deal With Pain' and 'How to Deal with Stress'.

I think the series is a perfect and practical way to start making meditation part of your daily routine. The animations are calm and dreamlike, which I found perfect right before bed. Give it a go and see how you get on!

7. Tony Robbins - I Am Not Your Guru

Switching it up a notch or 200 is Tony Robbins - I Am Not Your Guru.

Tony Robbins has dedicated 30 years of his life working in the self-improvement field as a life and business strategist, inspirational speaker, life coach and New York Times Best Selling Author. Tony has helped the likes of Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana but to name a few!

This documentary shows behind the scenes footage of Tony's live 6 day event: A Date With Destiny, where people come from all corners of the world hoping that their life will be transformed. They put so much faith in Tony that they pay just under $5,000 for their ticket!!

Tony's goal is to make people "energy rich" and to teach them that "life is happening for us not to us". He does so using practical psychology, taboo words and profanities as he believes that this breaks the noise and helps the person to refocus. He says that words have the power to "pierce the conscious mind."

This was probably my favourite thing to watch out of all 7! Tony is unorthodox, loud and rough but by God does he wake you up!

I hope you find some of these self serving and calming during such an anxious time. If you have any of your own recommendations please share them by commenting below this post :) Aoife P R

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