Where my interest in Reflexology first came from and what I've learned as I approach the end of my Diploma in Reflexology...

It was only at the age of 27, through my healing and recuperating from treatment for Cervical Cancer that I first started experimenting with complimentary therapies.

I first began by trying out CBD oil, acupuncture and reiki. To my astonishment, the combination of these holistic aids completely erased the chronic pains I suffered from on a daily basis, something my medical teams could never help me with. These holistic treatments also immensely improved my mental and emotional wellbeing.

I attended my first session of Reflexology in 2019 and I can still remember it so clearly. I was calmly welcomed into the practitioner's studio. It was full of beautiful coloured crystals and smelled of my favourite scent, lavender.

The Reflexologist ran through some of my medical history, focusing on what my main ailments were at that time which were digestive issues, anxiety, poor sleep and respiratory issues.

I then lay up on the therapy bed while she played some relaxing music. She then took my pulse to help her make further assessments of my situation.

She then washed my feet with a warm damp towel and placed a foil blanket over me for heat. She then began to slowly caress my feet and started working on them. I could feel the tension leave my body from her very first soft, calming touch.

Throughout the treatment she could tell different things about my body by reading my feet. She still does so to this day and I am always astonished by the accuracy of it.

That night when I got home I was really thirsty and drowsy. I drank several glasses of water and slept for 12 hours! I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed and somewhat less anxious. However, as the week went on my old ailments returned and I couldn’t wait to get back

for another session.

That was 2 years ago and not much has changed. Except maybe for the fact that my love and interest in Reflexology grew so much that I am now doing a Diploma in it so that I too can help those with ailments with this gentle noninvasive treatment.

In short, Reflexology involves applying a steady even amount of pressure to certain reflexes in the feet.

The reflexes are quite precise, making it much more than its common misconception of a foot massage. The practitioner stimulates these reflex points in order to remove any imbalances/blockages that they can feel in the area. The treatment also causes the body to relax which encourages homeostasis, a state in which all of our body’s systems work together. Our body does the majority of it's healing when it is relaxed and in this state. This is why sleep is so important when people are unwell. We can see and feel the difference in our mind and body when we are well rested from a good night's sleep, versus when we are not. Therefore, reflexology helps to activate the healing powers of our bodies.

Through being both a Reflexology student and client, I have learned of the powerful connection between our minds and bodies and how we can work on keeping the two in balance. In order for our bodies to work effectively and provide us with the best health and functionality, everything must work together as one. When I envision my body being in a state of homeostasis, I see and feel myself being grounded, light and bright, calm and at one with myself and above all, having optimum health.

I wish this for all of you too, so why not give it a try?

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