Irish Jewellery Designers -My Local Loves this Christmas

Here's some of my favourite Irish jewellery designers that you can support this Christmas...

'Tis the Season to Shop Local, Fa la la la la, la la la la 🎄

Want to support Irish businesses this Christmas without paying more than you intended on gifts?

Want to pick up some stylish pieces for yourself or a loved one this Christmas, but unsure what Irish designer options are out there?...

Introducing to you all, 'My Local Loves this Christmas', a series of blog posts to encourage you to shop local this Christmas. Each week in the run up to Christmas I will cover a different topic be it, homeware, health + wellness, beauty and so on.

As we are well aware, so many Irish businesses have massively suffered this year due to COVID19. So let's do our part to try and shop local this Christmas, instead of sending our money overseas.

I am starting off the series with all things bling because as you can probably guess from my photos, I am OBSESSED with jewellery. I always have been, in fact there are several photos of me at the age of 3 onwards dressed in colourful plastic jewellery. Some things don't change! I'm a bit of a gypsy like that :)

So here are some talented Irish jewellery designers that I have fallen hard for.

  1. Starting with the sweetest name and an even sweeter back story, I bring to you, Kind Jewels. The beautiful Lyndsey had never made jewellery before, until she returned home from volunteering in Africa in 2019. Lyndsey began making her beautiful pieces from the raw gemstones she collected from her travels. She discovered how mining work supported rural communities and so, was inspired to create Kind Jewels. Lyndsey doesn't use any animal products in her craft, i.e. pearl or coral materials, and she ensures that all of her gemstones are ethically sourced too. She also uses eco-friendly packaging. As if this all wasn't enough to make you fall in love with Lyndsey and her charming enterprise, she also donates 10% of her sales to animals that are in need of care via 'My Lovely Horse'. These pieces are just as precious as Lyndsey's heart. I am a proud owner of the 14k gold necklace 'The North Star', which Lyndsey generously gifted me. Here are a few more of her stunningly delicate pieces, ranging from €45+

2. The next energetic collection is a recent discovery of mine, A Shock Of Grey. Designed by the creative Sarah Carroll Kelly, her funky, sustainable and bold pieces were created when she discovered her first lock of grey hair, hence the name! She thought to herself, "It's now or never", and so began the creation of A Shock of Grey. These colorful hand-crafted statement pieces would be such an exciting addition to your Christmas outfits, they just scream party and fun! They would also be an ideal gift to your fellow badass gal pal! Here is a selection of Sarah's pieces, ranging from €25+

3. I am very excited to share my next local love with you all, it really is a bitta me! Behold, Cosmic Boulevard. Created by the talented Sinead Murphy in her Dublin workshop. Sinead uses recycled metals and ethically sourced stones to create these magical pieces. I am in love with so many of her impressive creations. Here are just a select few, ranging from €35+

4. My fourth local love is an enchanting Éire inspired range of superb pieces by the name of Seoidín. This fitting name was chosen as it is Gaelic for 'little jewel'. These bespoke pieces were founded by Maureen Harrison in West Cork in 1996. Today they have a range of stylish and contemporary pieces, as well as some dazzling classic ones too. There really are so many to choose from, each piece as loveable as the next. The pieces range from €32+

5. Another beautiful Celtic and Irish inspired collection is that of Cara Sturgess from Castleknock, Co. Dublin. Cara created Loinnir Jewellery in 2016. These pieces would be a thoughtful gift for any friends or family members who may not get home this year for Christmas from abroad due to the pandemic. There are so many affordable pieces to choose from. Here are some of my favourites, ranging from €90+

6. Last but certainly not least, is a true local love of mine, Juvi. Each Juvi piece is inspired by nature and travelling, two of my favourite things! The vibrant colours of the stunning gemstones that are used in the pieces really reflect this. These gemstones are sourced from India and then used by Vincent and Julie in their studio, located in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. Julie and Vincent both agree that "it takes a long time to make a piece that lasts forever".

Here are just a few of their breathtaking creations that I have fallen for, ranging from €35+

I hope you enjoyed the first 'My Local Loves this Christmas' post, and found it helpful. Next week I will be sharing my local homeware / interiors that I love.

Also, if there are any other local jewellery brands that you love, please feel free to share them in the comments section under this blog post!

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